Referee blunders at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Ladies and gents, the World Cup is on and thus far we have seen three games. Only three games and already four major referee mistakes:

  1. Brazil vs. Croatia (3:1) – Penalty given to Brazil was NOT a penalty.
  2. Mexico vs. Cameroon (1:0) – 1st Mexico goal disallowed for offside is REGULAR.
  3. Mexico vs. Cameroon (1:0) – 2nd Mexico goal disallowed for offside is REGULAR.
  4. Spain vs. Netherlands* (1:5) – Penalty given to Spain was NOT a penalty.

* By the way, what happened to Spain in this game? Anyone expected that result?

Honorable mentions:

  • Spain vs. Netherlands (1:5) – A head-but by Diego Costa of Spain could have been a red card.
  • Spain vs. Netherlands (1:5) – Van Persie potentially committed a foul on Iker Casillas right before Dutch 3rd goal.

One would expect referees of higher caliber at the largest sporting event in the World.

This list will continue to grow and this post will be updated as the tournament continues.

Did I miss any other major referee errors?