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Stefan Savić matches Manchester City colors

Stefan Savić with his matching Bentley

Stefan Savić with his matching Bentley

First impression if often the most important one. As we can see, Stefan Savić another recent acquisition of Roberto Mancini from Partizan Belgrade is well aware of that and he’s taking no chances in selecting the color of his new ride. Unlike some of his predecessors who made mistakes of driving red cars (in case you didn’t know there’s another football club in Manchester whose color is red 😉 ) Stefan decided to go with blue, the color of his new club. Selecting the make of the car was a bit more difficult, but he settled on a Bentley Continental. Price? A bargain for a Man City footballer at a range of €150,000 to €200,000.

All nonsense aside, Stefan is a great central defender, very young and will undoubtedly truly earn his place in Man City and I have no doubts that he will become a fan favorite.

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