Manchester Airport wants to fly Nemanja Vidic

Manchester Airport flys Nemanja Vidic
Manchester Airport wants to fly Nemanja Vidic

A very clever tweet by Manchester Airport related to news that Nemanja Vidic will be leaving Manchester United and England this summer.

Aleksandar Kolarov taking a practice shot

Aleksandar Kolarov of Manchester City taking a practice shot…enjoy!

Manchester United, better luck next season

Manchester United
As most of us know, love them or hate them, Manchester United can never be counted out. Throughout their rich history they have found countless ways to come back to win games in the last minute (seconds even); to win titles in last 2-3 games of the season, but this time it may be different.

Great Sir Alex Ferguson has left and David Moyes was chosen as the replacement. While majority of players from last season are still there and some new ones were introduced, it may take at least a full year before Moyes sets his standards and parameters. Speaking of standards and parameters, he will need to make a few changes to get the most of the great players he has on his team, but one thing he must keep in mind, he’s no longer at Everton. He needs to stop bringing Everton players over, but focus on his current talent in the academy and first team with purchases only of world class players, those worthy of Manchester United’s jersey.

Luis Suárez continues to amaze

Luis Suárez is an amazing football player (unlike some of his on and off the field childish antics) who continues to amaze football fans across the world. Take a look at his two most recent goals (scored today), sheer brilliance!

Bayern Munich Tiki-Taka vs. Manchester City

From a recent Champions League match where Bayern Munich’s Tiki-Taka has been set to the Benny Hill tune and it really does make Manchester City look a little ridiculous…

José Mourinho going back to Chelsea?

José Mourinho from the glory Chelsea daysLatest rumors are that José Mourinho will be going back to Chelsea this summer. How credible that is and what it will all mean we will see in coming months.

Fact is that Chelsea hasn’t had the level of play since he left except during that brief period under Roberto Di Matteo who shouldn’t have been fired. He didn’t have a popular name, but his results spoke for themselves, winning the Champions League and at one point having (I believe) a 12 game winning streak in EPL is worthy of respect and some patience to build the team as he saw fit. Sadly, Roman Abramovich decided that his time was up and I believe that he made a mistake.

In any event, that is now a (not so) distant past and Chelsea definitely needs someone better than that hack Rafael Benitez who is in my mind utterly useless. Will they go back to “The Special One” or opt for someone else? Is Mourinho ready to leave Real Madrid?

How NOT to throw the ball in

For you kids learning the game, here’s another example of how NOT to do things – this time it’s a throw-in. Courtesy of Alexander Tettey from Norwich City vs. Aston Villa.

How NOT to clear the ball

Here’s a good example how NOT to clear the ball. Courtesy of Micah Richards from Manchester City vs. Ajax

Barclays Premier League trophy stays in town

English Premier League - April 30, 2012Not that long ago, the other more famous Manchester club was at the top of the Barclays Premier League. Manchester United was up by five points which have melted after a draw and now a loss to their direct competitor for the title, Manchester City.

At least the EPL trophy won’t have to travel far, only to the other side of town, the town of Manchester.