José Mourinho going back to Chelsea?

José Mourinho from the glory Chelsea daysLatest rumors are that José Mourinho will be going back to Chelsea this summer. How credible that is and what it will all mean we will see in coming months.

Fact is that Chelsea hasn’t had the level of play since he left except during that brief period under Roberto Di Matteo who shouldn’t have been fired. He didn’t have a popular name, but his results spoke for themselves, winning the Champions League and at one point having (I believe) a 12 game winning streak in EPL is worthy of respect and some patience to build the team as he saw fit. Sadly, Roman Abramovich decided that his time was up and I believe that he made a mistake.

In any event, that is now a (not so) distant past and Chelsea definitely needs someone better than that hack Rafael Benitez who is in my mind utterly useless. Will they go back to “The Special One” or opt for someone else? Is Mourinho ready to leave Real Madrid?

Why isn’t Iker Casillas celebrating Ronaldo’s goal?

Rumors are flying and two prominent “theories” are:

1. He was upset that Sergio Ramos (one of his best friends) didn’t play
2. A much more believable reason is that there are still some unresolved issues between Casillas and Ronaldo over Casillas’ fiancée

In any event, it’s interesting to see a man who eats, sleeps and breathes Real Madrid stand motionless as they are winning an important game in the 90th minute…time will tell what really happened.

Guardiola taking a year off, could he be waiting for Ferguson to retire?

Pep Guardiola and Alex FergusonAs expected, Josep “Pep” Guardiola has called it quits at Barcelona and will be leaving at the end of this season. What’s slightly different from what I expected is this year long hiatus. I expected him to go straight to Manchester United and replace Alex Ferguson, which could still happen next summer.

As we all know Alex Ferguson is an institution at Manchester United, someone who has led their team with amazing success since 1986 and his replacement (which is inevitable considering he is nearly 71) will have to be someone who has experience, knowledge, results and class – all of these qualities are possessed by Guardiola. On the other hand, as always, José Mourinho could be considered a contender for that position as well, but in my personal opinion he lacks class when compared to Guardiola which is equality important when selecting a replacement for Ferguson and the great Manchester United.

Guardiola is quoted as saying:

“I don’t have any energy left, I need to recharge. I need to recover the feeling that I had when I first started – time has taken its toll. I just don’t feel the same – Barca don’t deserve that. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m going with the understanding that I’ve done my duty, and I’m proud of everything I did. This club is an unstoppable force. My replacement will be very able, and will do his job marvelously.”

As he leaves Barcelona, Guardiola will be replaced by one of his long term assistants, Tito Vilanova.

Reason for Sergio Ramos’ missed penalty kick

Sergio Ramos misses penalty against Bayern MunichSergio Ramos missed a penalty kick against Bayern Munich last night.
Now, we all know why.

By the way, this kid would be in serious trouble if he did this at an eastern European match (speaking from personal experience).

Diego Forlan signs for Inter Milan

Against...and now he will play for Inter
Against...and now he will play for Inter

Fresh of the presses! Diego Forlan signs for Inter Milan. He’s an amazing player and a welcome fresh addition to Inter’s stale side. Also, this move further supports that Eto’o is on his way to Anzhi Makhachkala (highest bidder).

On the other side, Atletico Madrid lost both Forlan and Aguero…ooops! Don’t expect that team to do much this season – sorry Atletic fans.

I wonder who’s the next big transfer?

Barcelona: Fabregas is back and here to stay

Another transfer (two years in the making) is finally complete.
Cesc Fàbregas signed a 5 year deal with Barcelona, club he left for Arsenal back in 2003. His new “sale” price to leave Barcelona again is set at €200 million – I guess he’s not going anywhere before summer of 2016. By the way, some 30,000 fans attended his signing. Insane!

Fabregas then
Fabregas then

Somehow I don’t think he’s worth all this money and I expect him to have difficulties proving he deserves the spot in Barcelona’s starting 11. That’s just me, time will tell if he is worth the investment. In any event, it adds more excitement to the world of football.

Fabregas now
Fabregas now