Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships

Per Mertesacker6‘ 6″ German international Per Mertesacker will continue his career in Arsenal. He arrived in London earlier today for medical exams and is expected to sign by Thursday and make his debut as early as September 10th against Swansea City.
Werder Bremen is expected to get £10,000,000 while Mertesacker’s annual salary should be £4,700,000. Arsène Wenger is also bringing a Brazilian left-back André Santos for a reported £6,000,000 from Fenerbahce.

Arsenal needs new players, mainly no-nonsense defenders considering they got creamed 8:2 by Manchester United and that’s clearly what Wenger has in mind as well. Oh and since ticket sales actually do matter, they also signed Chu Young Park.

Samir Nasri signs for Manchester City

Samir Nasri
Samir Nasri

Samir Nasri signs for Manchester City for a reported £22,000,000 transfer fee. Nasri was recently offered a £90,000 per week contract to stay at Arsenal which he turned down, so it’s expected that he’s salary will nearly double at Manchester City.

Considering he joined Arsenal in 2008 for £15,800,000 from the financial standpoint it looks like Arsène Wenger profited and made a good decision. On the other hand, having lost both of his main midfielders, Fabregas and now Nasri could Arsenal really afford not to spend? In tough economic times (for most at least) not spending money on lavish and newsworthy transfers has been his M.O., but could he continue to do and still expect to win the ever elusive title? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, watching them lose to Liverpool at home three days ago made me believe that it is time for Wenger to leave. He’s been at Arsenal for 15 years now and while he probably believes he could, not everybody can deliver like Sir Alex Ferguson and leave a winning legacy (Ferguson joined Manchester United when they had 7 titles, last season they won their 19th!). If Arsenal (read: Arsène Wenger) doesn’t bring in at least one great player at each of the lines (defense, midfield, attack) they have nothing to look forward to this season.

I know it’s still too early to make predictions, but Manchester United looks sharp and ready; Manchester City is not too far behind (even though they will need to sell some players soon); Liverpool hasn’t been impressive but even so they beat Arsenal 0:2; Bolton Wanderers’ have been a real breath of fresh air so far and the list goes on. In short, unless they invest Arsenal will not finish this season in the top third come May of 2012. Mark my words!